Sunday, November 1, 2009


I have been bad about documenting our travels this year, here are a couple pics from a weekend in Baltimore at Kyle's Crab Fest '09. All the family bonding, baby holding and Old Bay seasoning I can take in one weekend!

We had fun running around helping K and K get ready for the party and of course, admiring their gorgeous house. The new bathroom was unveiled that weekend and my jealous heart about burst! Katie, mom and I had a fun trip to K Mart for some necessities and found crab flavored crackers and hula hoops. Brett had fun with the neighborhood rugrats, especially the ones with bikes and skateboards. Rad. I got my fix of babies, there were 16 kids under 8, including two sets of 14 month old twins! I met a sweet baby named Deacon and stole him from his mom for a few hours. Heaven :)

Here is a picture of the handsome birthday boy, and a shot of the souvenir koozies. A great weekend. I think I ate about 8 crabs, I just had to do my part...

um, pass the Yuengling, please.

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L said...

LOVE all the updates. You have been a busy lady. Glad you are lovin' married life. When will I see you again?