Sunday, November 22, 2009

Thanksgiving dinner

I have wonderful kids table memories

Brett tells me that growing up he had Stove-Top stuffing and canned cranberries. So I am going to step up to the wifely, domesticated, newlywed plate and cook for our first Thanksgiving together and let him perform his husbandly duty of sitting on the couch with one hand on the remote and the other wedged in his waistband. We're having:

turkey (brined overnight and stuffed with citrus, herbs and onion)
fancier green bean cassrerole (fresh green beans, shallots, fresh mushrooms, cream, white wine)
caramelized sweet potato wedges (with orange zest)
wild rice dressing (with sage and dried apricots)
mashed potatoes (the old fashioned way)
cranberry compote

I wish my brother-in-law Kyle could be here to make his famous peach pie for dessert. I'll miss my family all tucked away together in NNY, but I think a quiet Thanksgiving alone is just what B and I need right now. Oh, and we'll spend the rest of the weekend getting the condo all ready to list. Please tell me you know someone who needs a lovely 1980's 850 square foot condo in downtown Atlanta? 

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