Sunday, November 1, 2009

honeymoon with my honey

fun in the sun

I got to marry him?


Just a quick post about the honeymoon! More for my own memory preservation than anything, but enjoy! These are just a smattering of my photos, I haven't gotten any off B's camera just yet. But there are some good ones, so I'll have to do a to part 2.

We drove to Rosemary Beach, FL, sort of a fake, postmodern beach community for yuppie Southerners, which normally would gross me out. But the architecture and design of the place overruled the yuppie factor and we settled right into a week there very easily.

We decided to do the honeymoon on the cheap - consequently our second meal as husband and wife was consumed at Chik-Fil-A and followed with snacks from the gas station. Klassy. We went to Publix as soon as we got to the beach to buy groceries and I am happy to report we cooked dinner 4 out of 6 nights and made breakfast at home everyday, too. We even went as far as to make our own margaritas to bring to the beach! It was fun to be frugal. Even our souvenirs were fairly cheap, I found a Barbie shoe washed up on the sand and decided that was all I needed to remember the beach. It now sits in a place of honor on the toy shelf in the kitchen, right next to the red plastic fish I found on the beach in Mexico. Doesn't take much to make me happy :)

We spent a lot of time sitting in the sun, reading and sleeping, it was heaven. The sun came up every day at around 6, so we were early risers and early to bed, we felt so old and married, but we loved it. We did TRY to go out one night to a hot spot all my friends raved about, but it was packed and we wanted out early bird specials without a 40 minute wait. The one night we splurged on dinner was at an 8 table, very romantic restaurant called Cafe Tango. We realized there that it payed to drop a casual, "we're on our honeymoon" and got free dessert. A fun night and a chance to dress up. Of course we forgot to take a picture.

Brett sensed me getting a little restless about 4 days in and took me antiquing on Saturday. Lots of neat places, we bought an antique map of the world and I may or may not have found 2 dresses I could not live without. Did I say all I needed was a Barbie shoe? Um, yeahhhh.

Other highlights included a 30 mile bike ride (in place of a training run since it was 90 degrees), one of the best cupcakes of my young life, purchased from an Airstream camper which made it taste better, sunset walks on the beach, people watching and the smell in our little house. I haven't washed a few things that we brought because they still have the distinct peppery, slightly musty smell of the carriage house. A lovely vacation!

a biking break

This was meant to show the dirt on my legs, didn't really show. They were dirty.

mmm, Airstreams... er, I mean, cupcakes...

We felt a little boring for not having run off to Greece or Capri or even Aruba for the 'moon, but honestly, planning a wedding in 4 months was tough enough! And it was fun to do a road trip together. Hopefully next year will bring international travel. Until then, I've got good memories.

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