Sunday, January 9, 2011

beauty and the book

When we were first engaged, I decided we should get one of those marriage preparatory books and go through some life altering questions together. I found the single volume fitting this description at Borders and B grudgingly agreed to do it with me. We started answering a question or two each night. We never finished, I can't even find the book, but one question that begged an answer was, "Do you find any of your spouse's friends attractive?"

Hmmm, intriguing question, little pink book.

I think I pointed out that one of Brett's good friends looks just like a hot ex boyfriend of mine and that I thought his boss was cute for an older guy. And then, to prevent any awkwardness, I jumped in and volunteered that yes, I do have quite a few attractive girl friends. Like, a lot. Brett murmured assent. We didn't name names.

I had sort of forgotten that conversation - until tonight. Have I ever mentioned that supermodels also excel at marketing hair accessories? We were out tonight celebrating some coworkers' birthdays, first dinner at a beloved Atlanta taqueria and then a private room at Happy Karaoke. Back in the car at the end of the night and I turned to Brett and said, "Does your spouse have any friends you find attractive?" He snickered and we left it at that.

Hope all you pretty ladies had a fabulous weekend!

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