Monday, January 3, 2011

a week of meals

No way to get started on a resolution than to just jump right in, eh? I am at home today, playing housewife (and loving it, btw). Our pantry is heavy on the dried grains so I picked recipes to help us blow through them. And use up the frozen peas that I keep buying for some reason. The other step I took to keep costs down was to choose 2 recipes with the same herb, dill. I love fresh herbs!

This week we don't have a lot going on in the evenings, except for a swim workout tonight, so we'll have time to make and eat dinner 4 nights. Saturday night we have plans, but I still want to make an effort to eat at home on the weekends. So, I am planning 4 meals that we can eat for dinner and lunch and a soup we can grab anytime. And I try to cut up tons of fruits and vegetables and bag them for lunches and snacks all week. I'm sure no one cares, I'm just talking this through for myself and making a plan :)

Tuesday night: QUINOA + SHRIMP SALAD
Friday night: FRIED RICE with CHICKEN

What are some of your weeknight favorites? Have a great week!


L said...

How productive you've been! Last night I pulled out a weekend favorite:
Thai-inspired Chicken
*2 ckn breasts cut to bite-sized pieces (I always keep some in the freezer)
*2 cloves garlic minced
*1 sm or m onion chopped
*red pepper flakes, to taste
*20 basil leaves/a handful
*1-2T fish sauce
*1/2-1c lite coconut milk (depending on how much sauce you want)
*canola oil

Heat the oil and red pepper flakes over med/hi heat. Add garlic and onion and cook for 1 min or so. Add chicken and cook until just done. Pour in coconut milk and fish sauce, bring to simmer until you are sure that chicken is done. Add basil, big squeeze of lime, stir and serve with rice.

Just a note: I tried this with tofu once. Don't try it. Ew, boiled tofu.

eyeheartorange said...

that looks yummy! I love anything w coconut milk. xo

emr said...

this is one of my faves:

and also, mark bittman and his columns are always a fave of mine on nytimes:

the recipes in the little left hand related section are super flexible!

Katie said...

Kyle and I are doing the "Clean" program by Alejandro Junger. So we are eating basically vegan minus a few random fruits and veggies plus lean meats and fish one meal a day, and juice or smoothies the other two. But the thing I really wanted to share is, I was reading the book the other day and the author says that one symptom of eating toxic foods is "puffiness." I think I laughed out loud even though I was home alone. Tera will already be laughing at this but for the others, my grandfather once told me... "Katie, you're looking good. You had gotten a little puffy there for a while." Only I don't think he was referring to toxic foods.

Travels in Heels said...

I am so sorry to hear about the loss of your father. My father passed away 9 years ago on the same day from Prostate cancer. It will make you me.

On a lighter note you menu sounds amazing this week.


Along the Ausable said...

weeknight favorites? frozen pizza, duh. ;) enchiladas with black beans, refried beans, corn, etc. also, veggie chili with good bread.