Monday, September 29, 2008

Jury Duty: Part 2

Note to self: don't order chocolate malts at Dairy Queen. I ate a quiznos sub for lunch but couldn't shake a sweet craving. So I got a chocolate malt at DQ. After the first sip, I knew it tasted weird, but couldn't place the flavor. A couple sips later, my sophisticated dessert palette decided it was a cross between a chocolate shake and beer. mmm, too bad it's not a real beer. JD should come with a couple drink tickets.


Courtney said...

You lost me at Quiznos.

Katie said...

Do they pay for your lunch during jury duty?

eyeheartorange said...

you get paid $25 per day. Is that the correct way to spell paid in this instance? I never know if it's paid or payed.