Friday, September 26, 2008

mommy designs the garbage

I work with several other designers, one of whom has a 10 year old daughter, Taylor. She asked my friend exactly what her job is, so Lauren told her that she designs packaging. Taylor's like, "You mean the part we throw away?" Right. So now when someone asks her what her mom does, "She designs the garbage." So I guess I too design the garbage. And I'm still paying off college loans.

On a happier, less what-the-hell-am-I-doing-with-my-life note, Brett asked me out on a date tonight so we are going out for a fancy dinner, screw the economy. Now you might think that after a fancy dinner, it would be nice to talk a romantic walk or see a movie. Not with my BF. Nope, we are coming straight home to watch the debate! Awwww, I know, you're jealous.


erin said...

i design the garbage too. and whats horrible is the amount of time i spend designing, going through production, and approving. approving garbage.

also, whats more romantic than mccain?

L said...

I think designing garbage is very avant-garde. Besides, your work helps people like me contribut to the economy. I wouldn't buy half the stuff I pick up if I didn't like the packaging...