Sunday, January 17, 2010


Yes, torture. I am sick and have no sense of taste left. First torture session of today? Our Sunday going-out-to-breakfast ritual. Today we picked Java Jive just down the street and I could not taste any of my food. So I skipped the usual cheddary, mushroomy, turkey-y omelette and had a boring granola yogurt thing. Then we came home, I moped around and Brett suggested that we get in bed and watch the movie he netflixed for me. This was a great idea and just the thing really, except that we watched Julie and Julia. And I all I want to do know is make boeuf bourguignon, which would be a waste. Soooo, guess I'll be channeling all that foodie inspiration into a cup of tea and crackers. Delish.



JuneBug said...

if i recall, this happened to you last year as well, and you blogged it then, too. you could always go for some of that mustard to wake up your sinuses! (really, i'm just trying to be helpful...)

wish i could send you something yummy when you get better!

eyeheartorange said...

yes it did, and yes i did!! For me this is the worst part about being sick. It sucks! Now I am over any aches and pains and I just can't smell or taste. Maybe I'll go eat a spoonful of the mustard :)