Sunday, November 30, 2008

Cold Turkey!

Brett and I spent a chilly few days with my dad and relatives in Watertown, NY. As usual, I was inappropriately dressed for the weather but we still managed to come away with warm hearts. Dad and Brett got along and I had a chance to reconnect with some wonderful friends I haven't seen in a long long time. 

Other highlights included an hour spent poring over dad's childhood football scrapbook, Pat's sweet potato casserole with coconut and orange zest, a really good dirty martini, a trip upstairs at my grandmother's house which brought back great memories, and despite all the delicious Thanksgiving leftovers, a DiGiorno pizza with my honey at 1 am.

I also took the time to make some pictures of a few objects from dad's workbench that have been part of my peripheral vision my whole life. It was fun to make them the subject of some photos instead of just popping up in the background.

Dad's extension cord collection. These came in handy when we ate breakfast in the basement for a month while the Leroy Street house was renovated in '92.

Dad's toolbox. This sticker has been there since before I was born. Must be some industrial strength adhesive, no?

I never noticed this before, but there is a star on the cast metal stern of our old boat. I think it is a StarCraft boat, so that makes sense! Note the faded, frayed blue rope... Love it.

Dad's ice skates! Probably purchased at MVP Sports in Potsdam. These skates made quick work of the Rideau Canal many a winter.

Cool! Dad's saw. Wonder if this was the same one that gave me the scar on my knee. Love the weathered wood handle, but why does it look like it has devil horns?

Neat collection of old T-squares and metal rulers. 

I love this photo. It is dad's really old down jacket. Bought for function, not fashion, and survived the blizzard of '77. It snaps and has a matching burnt orange zipper. I wish I could have found the toque he used to wear with it, guess that image will just live in my head.

Dad is a huge fan of the LL Bean Boat and Tote. He has many and gives them as gifts! I appreciate my large monogrammed tote way more now than I did when I got it when I was 16.

Good trip! But not sure if we'll be going home during the winter again anytime soon. Unless dad lends me the orange coat...


Michele said...

Tera, I too loved those memories. Thanks for re-creating them for me!

Courtney said...

What a fun post! You are very good at telling a great, nostalgic story!

Glad to have you blogging again, busy-pants!