Saturday, November 22, 2008

A few of my favorite (cheap or free) things

In the spirit of this crap economy: I was wandering through my apartment the other day and noticed how many of my favorite things were either really cheap ($5 of less) or free (courtesy of my career in consumer products, samples rock). Here is a look at my decorating deals and steals!

This distinguished painting came home with me for $5! I don't know who the subject is, but he looks like he might be a banker, so I think he'd be proud of my good deal.

Urban Outfitters just opened across the street from me and my friend Tiffani and I got matching T glasses for our beverages of choice. 
These are perfect when you tell yourself you're only having one glass of wine ;)

Cool bug drawings were $1 at Lakewood Antique Market in Atlanta. 
I framed them in really cheap Target metal frames and my home made mats. Perfect for my bathroom. The green ribbon is left over from Katie's wedding and I just like looking at it.

I traded this desk with my friend Deb. She got a leather chair and ottoman from Macy's that I was tired of, and I got this AMAZING mid century desk that was hiding in her basement. I think I got the way better end of that deal, but don't tell her that. My dad and I almost had a catastrophe with the Home Depot truck we rented to seal the deal but all ended well. I love this desk! Deb said her mom used to do her homework on it, but my kids will never even get to breathe on it!

Red Arne Jacobsen ant chair: negotiated this wayyy down at 
Lakewood Antique Market my first weekend in Atlanta.

Cute pink Kate Spade leather box, a real steal at TJ Maxx!

Cool wire mail sorting basket salvaged from the throw away pile when our office moved.

So cute, pics of my parents from high school! I am definitely NOT the milkman's child.

Oneida Paul Revere bowl, one of my favorite freebies from that job. 
They used to put free stuff out in the cafeteria everyday.

Wedgwood Night and Day S&P shakers. Another freebie from Oneida.

West Elm bowl: I think this was like 90% off. It hides the ugly outlet behind my microwave perfectly!

Cool painting on wood by a local artist. They signed the back Two Fat Southern Boys Who Paint.

This is a postcard thank you note painted by my late friend, Susan. A daily tribute to her in my kitchen.

Awesome milk glass glove form: Katie and I got these in Dekalb Junction when we were wasting time driving from Potsdam to Watertown. I had always been intrigued by the flea markets there and they had good cheap stuff! This would go for 4 times the price in Atlanta.

Beach glass: collected from Lake Ontario, Virginia Beach, Manistee, Burt Lake. Truly priceless for the memories!

$5 painting from artist market in Atlanta. You can barely buy a beer for $5, let alone a painting of a beer.


Courtney said...

Fun! And once I settle on window treatments for my downstairs, I will be demanding a visit for you to help me pick some goodies for the house. I've lost all motivation to decorate, which totally bums me out.

eyeheartorange said...

Anytime! I know, the motivation comes and goes. Too bad there are so many uncheap things I want right now. OMG, how is it after 3 already? I freaking hate Sunday.

Courtney said...

I hate Sundays, too. These days, though, mostly because Benjamin is a BEAST on Mondays after having ARL home for 2 days...

I like the additions to this post, as well. It was like I got two posts in one day.

L said...

I love my metallic blue wine cooler and cocktail tray you gave me (oneida freebie, as I understand it). I love them and use them all the time.