Sunday, November 23, 2008


Where did I put that?
Stupid holiday season. I'm already going nuts.

Translation: Oh my God, I hate it when I hide stuff so well even I can't find it!

I buy little gifts throughout the year to have on hand for for the holidays and more often than not, I can't find them when I need them. I bought this great wine stopper at the Pikes Place Fish Market in Seattle this spring and I stashed it away for safe keeping. Can't find it and I am trying to get packed for my Thanksgiving trip to dad's. Bummer. 

Meanwhile, I am listening to Band of Horses Everything All the Time album and that is helping to take the edge off. Who wants to start trading music suggestions?

Ugh, Sunday night. xoxo


Courtney said...

Did you take that picture right before you posted that? Because it's not right to look that cute on a Sunday night.

Or, perhaps I need to try to look slightly more cute on Sunday nights...hmmm.

Have a fun, safe trip up north! Speaking of, need to check when you'll be in this section of the country at Christmas to see if we can bump into each other...


eyeheartorange said...

Yes, actually I did! But I had spent the entire day in my pjs until I decided to go to Target at 4pm, so I think I overcompensated. Besides, I might add that I don't have a toddler to dress. It's all about me, baby!