Thursday, July 29, 2010


We have become 1960philes. Ever since Mad Men, we can't get enough. I am dying to get the book Take Ivy that is being rereleased in August; makes me think of nice things like Ali MacGraw's clothes in Love Story, J.D. Salinger, Harper Lee and an awesome documentary we saw recently about a 1968 football game between Harvard and Yale. I admit I am not too into modern preppy boys, but 50 years ago? Yes please.

So that's why we had to buy this last weekend while out enjoying the AC at Kudzu Antiques:

Cool, huh? I love the color, the type, 1962, and the reference to BH&G, which was probably the 1960s equivalent to Domino, Blueprint, Lonny, etc.

I was about to check out and this older lady says, "Does that say BH&G? If I had seen that I would have bought it for my friend, she works at BH&G, she's a stylist. My friend works at BH&G, I would have definitely bought that for her if I had seen it. Ida, did you see this sign? Wouldn't it be perfect for Gladys? It says BH&G! Our friend works at BH&G." Brett and I looked at each other, thinking should we give up the sign? Then Brett says in true Brett form, "I'll let you buy it from me for $1000," and the woman backs off. She is not amused.

Oh well, we got the sign. We are good at getting our own way. We also scored a huge, amazing map of the world that is giving me inspiration to makeover the bedroom in sort of a library theme. Stay tuned for details on that. I love having projects!

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Katie said...

haha, I love the stuff Brett says!