Wednesday, July 21, 2010

what's a girl to wear in...


We are going on a trip to the Emerald Isle this fall and I am already putting some thoughts into what to pack. All that came to mind initially were the J Crew fisherman sweaters that were all the rage in high school, and well, I just don't rock a chunky sweater. The good news is that the weather is cool then (around 45-55°) so jeans, boots and scarves will definitely make it in my bag... Fall is the best time for clothes! Here are some other ideas:

plaid - It's not Scotland, I know, but the whole Catholic school uniform thing comes to mind.

my Wellie boots - Any chance I have to wear these I take!

leather jacket - I envision Brett renting a motorcycle with a side car for me and us zipping through the lush countryside like James Bond and his flavor of the movie.

trench coat - Just because Ireland feels proper, and I want an excuse to buy one.

left trench capelet is Burberry and a little ridiculous, but so cool.
right is J Crew, and slightly more reasonable...

something cozy and flannel for nighttime - OK, but not too cozy or too flannel.

smocking, pleats, gathers, buttons, hooks, grosgrain ribbon and other haberdashery details - All old school touches that remind me of the matching dresses we wore as little girls, since I'll be there with my little sister. Katie taught me this Gaelic phrase recently that she said I should teach my husband, and I think it is fitting for this post:
PHRASE:  Iocfaidh mise don gach rud! 
PRONOUNCED: uck-igg misha dun gock rud
MEANING: I will pay for everything!


Michele Croot said...

awesome post tera! pack me in your suitcase please!

Katie Company said...

Just popped in via your comment on my blog! Your blog is pretty cute too!

Now, if you can just put me in your suitcase when you go to Ireland then we can be best friends forever.

eyeheartorange said...

ok, you both can come. I have a pretty big suitcase :)

Courtney said...

So much fun! I've been feeling the need for a good trench, myself! And I totally hear you on the wellies. I have a pair of Graphite color Hunter boots and I've only worn them a handful of times. Love them!