Thursday, July 8, 2010

it's a kitchen!

At long last I am happy to present pics of our kitchen makeover! Is it possible to be actually in love with a room? I am at the very least quite smitten. The whole process took about 6 months, from tearing out wallpaper on a whim (and some tequila) one night in March, to saving for and buying new appliances one by one (and doing lots of homework). Then painting little by little, finding a company to do the work, looking through countless blogs and magazines, and finally pulling the trigger! We still have a few things to finish (installing cabinet hardware, painting baseboards) but it is pretty much done and I can't believe how much it has changed the way our whole place feels. I mean, when you live in 850 square feet, something like that has a big impact :) Enjoy the pics!

reminder Before shot

tada! After

I swoon for this sink! Cute white bowl from World Market.

Vintage basket for our linens and towels, scored for free when our office moved. Napkins are Dwell Studio for Target, I love that line!

Vintage timer that works! I use it all the time.
Trivet on sale from Urban Outfitters.

salt, pepper, etc. Katie treated me to that aqua pepper mill
one day at Anthropologie.

another sink/backsplash shot

We're going with the drawer pulls on the right.
Anybody need 9 of the rounded sort? I'll sell 'em or swap 'em real cheap!

vintage hands... white ones from ATL, green one from Dekalb Junction flea market!

Yet another vintage clock! Did you know I collect these? This one is plugged in and works,not to mention, matches. There is an identical one on the office set of Mad Men. The marbled notebook next to it was a souvenir from my mom's trip to Italy. Love the colors.

Did you notice that we trashed the microwave to make extra space above the stove? We might get a tiny one for the countertop, but I think it was a good decision. I love how airy that space feels and the extra light from the new range hood is really pretty. The granite we chose is called Kashmir White. Don't even talk to me about how insane I acted when making that decision. No really, don't. And maybe don't mention it to Brett either. Yep.

Also, that little button next to the sink is for the garbage disposal! They granite guys messed up and drilled three holes instead of two so they threw in that cool little detail for free.

I love it but I feel like these pics don't do it justice. Oh well, guess you'll just have to come visit!

*Special thanks to brother-in-law extraordinaire Kyle for advice throughout this daunting project! And to my sweet husband who sort of just went with it. You rock, babe.

*Even more special thanks to Dream Home Renovations! If you're in Atlanta, these are your guys.


Courtney said...

It looks awesome, T! I wish, wish, wish we didn't need a microwave, but there is NO way I could spare it with Benjamin and his limited diet.

Good work!

Lori Ann said...

Absolutely LOVE it!!

Michele said...

The new kitchen looks wonderful! Can't wait to visit and see for myself.

L said...

Love all the details!

Christine said...

Tera it is wonderful!! The workmanship is good... but it would be nothing without the design and vision you had for it! umm... could use some of that over here!


Along the Ausable said...

wow! paint color, marble, subway tile, faucet, accessories, i love it all!

Anna said...

Tera, I love it! It is beautiful! Can you come here and help me with my home design projects? looks great!
btw, I think that we have that sink and I love it!

JuneBug said...

so really, how crazy were you?

I love it, and am envious, and would love to see it in person, and think that the disposal button is WAY COOL (that is the engineer in me talking, maybe)

Katie said...

It looks so great!! can't wait to come down and check out every detail.