Sunday, July 25, 2010

Ask, and you shall receive...

Our new/old tin.

I have just the perfect follow up to a post from June... I did not get one Amaretti cookie tin like the one my grandparents had, but two! Ali found the grandmother of all tins at a flea market right in our home town. This thing is seriously a monster. I joked in my thank you note to her that we would not only store our loose change in there, but our life savings. Seriously, large and in charge. This could even act as a cool little end table. Right now it is enjoying life atop an orange chair and they seem to be getting along.

thank you thank you, Ali!

cool label on the tin

When I heard that the tin was on its way, I of course told my husband, beaming. His face actually dropped a bit, and he admitted that he, too, had found a tin, on its way to Atlanta via eBay. Lucky me! Brett's came a few days ago and he surprised me with it, fully loaded with coins. How sweet.

Toasted Almond, yes please!

We celebrated with an Amaretto cocktail, the Toasted Almond. 1 part Amaretto, 1 part Kahlua, and 1 part cream. Delizioso.

It's pretty cool to think that one day I might play game with my own grandchildren and tell them the story of how I got the tins. Ask, and you shall receive.


JuneBug said...

yurm. that looks delish.

i briefly thought that the tins held the amaretto liquer, in which case that big tin? a whole lotta liquor. even still, a whole lotta biscuits.

have you ever eaten these biscuits? are they good?

Along the Ausable said...

yay for brett! and i love that orange chair the big tin sits on now. too funny, because before i shipped it, i had it sitting on a red chair.

maybe you should put that long tin inside the big box and see if it makes a baby tin. oh wait, that sounds dirty. ;)

eyeheartorange said...

Nothing wrong with a little dirty ;)

Anonymous said...

Tera - So glad you found the tin you wanted - looks like it is in better shape than my old one and already filled with cash... so much fun awaits that tin...... Enjoy!! Love you