Friday, July 9, 2010

let's talk shop

...or shopping. More specifically, my lack thereof as of late. I've mentioned it many times on the blog in the last year or so, but I'm on a bit of a spending diet when it comes to personal items. We have definitely been doing it up with the household purchases and have not been wanting for plane tickets, but clothes, makeup, etc. have not been a priority, or even on my mind, really. I read somewhere the other day that very few people have equally cool homes and wardrobes, and I believe it. It's exhausting to think about both and I really cherish my home. That said, a few new pieces here and there are nice. Just the other day, I went to the Container Store to pick up a basket to match one I use for paper recycling, figured I would use it for plastic. They are on backorder, but I still felt compelled to linger on my lunch break, and I came away with the cutest makeup bag. It sort of warmed my heart and gave me a little boost on a recent, rather stressful trip home. Isn't it amazing what an $8 splurge can do for you? So, in the spirit of paying it forward, I'm giving one away. Comment if you want it! And really, who wouldn't?
Oooh, it would also be cool at the pool, a peach at the beach or a groovy gift.

Also, I found a new blog that I think is going to ramp up my clothing enthusiasm, sorellina. She's in Atlanta, so unfortunately, everything is right within reach. One of her first posts featured my very favorite antique store here, so I fear I will be wanting what she wants. Maybe $50 cash in my pocket would be a good diet friendly plan for a Sunday shopping trip?

We are also doing much better thank you on the food spending. Thanks for all of your awesome tips! We went to Charleston a few weekends ago and on the long car ride home, I was looking at and found a cool section of the food site called grocery bag. They basically plan a week's worth of meals for you and supply a handy dandy shopping list! The meals are beautiful and creative and we are cooking things we've never done at home before. Swiss chard, polenta, etc. I love having a menu in my mind during the day and knowing exactly what I'm making that night. And it's nice to have a pretty dinner with the husband each night and leftovers for lunch. Did I mention that the week's worth of groceries is usually no more than $60??? And I still need to pare down the recipes a bit more, they make way more than enough for two. Do it. It's fab. That's all! Happy Friday Night.


Christine said...

Thank you T for that hint about the Grocery Bag menus... great idea! I am so bored with the things I cook everyday... and bonus for us are the left overs! Hmmm ... under the healthy menu list... pork tenderloin... have it... swiss chard... ready to pic from the garden right now and polenta.. a new food I am looking forward to trying; guess what is for dinner tonight?

eyeheartorange said...

I loved the healthy menus! I did the cool menu last week and could not find soba noodles for the cold chicken salad so I used ramen and it was delicious and 18 cents. Gotta love that. xo!

JuneBug said...

Cute bag! And I love sites that will meal plan (reasonably) for you, so I am totally checking that out! Chard has always been on my don't like list, but I am making a new minestrone recipe with it tonight... Hope it's edible cuz it sure makes a LOT.

Courtney said...

My stupid allergies keep me from doing a lot of those meal planning sites. The shellfish was easy enough to get around, but the whole gluten thing threw us all for a loop.

Cute bag!